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Everyone of my rings has been hand crafted using sterling silver, red or yellow gold, each one bespoke and individual in their design 

Red gold and silver stacking rings

Red gold and silver stacking rings

These rings work beautifully on their own or stacked with each other, one is plain, one has a hammered texture and the third ring is has been left plain in a beautiful red gold

Size: P

Price for set of three: £85

Gold and silver nugget ring

This hallmarked hand made ring has been created with a three band design using different sized yellow gold and silver nuggets soldered into the design

Size: L

Price: £38

Gold and silver nugget ring
 oval and rondell stacking ring

Oval and rondell stacking ring

This delicate oval and rondell ring is perfect for stacking

 The pattern is slightly more unusual giving it a unique character

1.5mm rondell wire

Size:  M

Price:  £15.00

This ring can be made to size, if you are interested please get in touch.

Silver ball stacking ring

Made from sterling silver ball styled wire and can be worn on its own or stacked to compliment other rings

This ring can be made to any individual size as required

Size:  L

Price: £15.00

Silver ball stacking ring
Red gold and silver ring

Red gold and silver ring

This ring is created using a small section of red gold within the ring design to enhance the sterling silver band


Size: R 1/2

Price: £40

Tiny beads ring

This hallmarked ring has been made using a D shaped sterling silver band and hand formed tiny silver and gold beads have been soldered on the top of the ring to create interest

Size:  N

Price: £30.00

Tiny beads ring
3 cup silver ring

3 Cup silver ring

This has been created using 3 discs of sterling silver which has then been domed and one of them oxidised to create interest, the band has been made using a D shape wire made making it comfortable to wear

Size: N ½

Price: £38.00

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