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Crafting the silver


I consider myself fortunate to have a hobby which allows me create away in my little workroom, working  with precious metal and silver clay whether that's working with hand tools or firing, with the added bonus of when the jewellery comes out looking like its supposed to! Whether that's hammered or fired in my small kiln.


I believe creating anything is trial, error and learning all the time... there  is such a sense of achievement or maybe even a surprise when a piece of jewellery has turned out as I had envisaged! We all know sometimes ideas do not always transpire quite as we expected, this is not necessarily a bad thing,  in fact it can turn out to be a good thing when the piece evolves into something quite unexpected and beautiful in its new form.


I am really pleased my work can be shared not only with family and friends but also a wider audience and I hope you enjoy my jewellery as much as much as I enjoyed hammering  and creating away in my workroom .

Thank you for looking at our gallery site.

Jewellery to buy

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