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About Us

We've created this website as a way to showcase both our forms of art, have a visit to our collections to see a variety of pieces from silver rings and bangles to pet portrait paintings. Anything you like the look of, or want to know more, just send us a message!

Jacqueline Shavone and Ella Siobhan,  get to know us...

About us...


Our goal

We aren't sure if there is a main goal here... just wanting to share our passion...

All jewellery products you see here on our website are available to buy unless stated otherwise.

Send us a message specifying the item you're interested in and if you have any questions or sizing requests.

All pet portraits are of previous commissioned artworks, you are able to message us if you would like to commission a painting for yourself, or as a gift!

Occasionally we do limited prints of animal portraits.

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Why Shavone + Siobhan?

We decided to start the Shavone + Siobhan  website during the Covid-19 lockdown 2020. During this time we both found we had so much more free time for both of our hobbies and wanted to share our passion for creating.

I (Ella) really fell back into love of painting again and was able to share this with others by creating pet portraits.

And I (Jackie) although a hobbyist silversmith since 2011, in lockdown I was able spend more time dreaming up new and inspirational ideas to create one off individual pieces of jewellery.

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